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“What’s the Call?” – April Edition

Author: Hannah Johns | July 11, 2023

Pickleball Q&A with Don

1. Isn’t it 14-14-1?

Rick Morse from Tampa, FL, questioned a scenario where a player, incorrectly guessing the score as 14-14-1, was penalized by the referee. Don explains that this relates to Rule 4.K, which deals with challenging a referee’s incorrect score. If a player challenges and the referee indeed erred, the rally is replayed. However, if the referee was correct, the challenging player commits a fault, and a time limit until the third shot prevents late challenges.

2. Moving During a Serve

Juan Lopez from Miami, FL, inquired about movement during serves, referencing restrictions mentioned by local players. Don clarifies that foot positioning matters only at the instant the ball is served. Rule 4.A.2 and 4.L outline that at least one foot must be on the ground during the serve. Movement before the serve is inconsequential, emphasizing that “FEET ONLY MATTER WHEN THE BALL IS ACTUALLY BEING SERVED.”

3. Can a hat cause a let?

Margaret Leigh Dobson from Phoenix, AZ, questioned why hitting the slack of the net or the pole underneath it results in a replay in pickleball but not in tennis. Don explains that the replay is due to temporary and portable nets having obstructions like net flaps and horizontal bars, impacting a team’s ability to make a play. The replay ensures fairness in cases where these obstructions interfere.

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