August 7-11, 2024

PPA Pickleball Camps

What to Expect

PPA Pickleball Camps will be a progressive flow of instruction with each topic building on the next. We will cover many topics including base foundation, transitioning, beating the banger, blocks, drops, drives, partner shifting and moving, strategy, and so much more.

There will be 2 camps happening simultaneously prior to each tournament. One camp will be for 2.5/3.0 skill level and the other will be for 3.5/4.0 skill level.


Sign Up Now For PPA Pickleball Camps

The price for each 2 day pickleball camp will be $370 per person. Each camp will be before every tournament at the venue. Be sure not to wait as there are a limited amount of spots available for each camp.

Pickleball Central will be providing demo paddles from all paddle companies carried in the superstore to any camp attendees interested in trialing new equipment.

Things included in the camps:

  • 6 hours of Total Instruction from PPA Tour Professionals
  • 1 Courtside ticket to any day of your choice
  • A recorded copy of the camp that you attend
  • Pickleball Central will give you 20% off apparel and 10% off paddles at the tournament

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Overview of the 2-Day Camp

Day 1

Setting up the Base foundation of technique and how to incorporate that into your shots. In Day 1 we will be going over and focusing on:

  • Dinking
  • Drops
  • Drives
  • Drops vs. Drives
  • Transition Shots
  • Serves & Returns
  • Transitioning from the baseline to the kitchen line
Day 2
  • Blocks & Volleys
  • How to beat the banger
  • Shifting & Moving
  • Resets vs. Counters
  • Offensive & Defensive Strategies