June 24-30, 2024
Carvana PPA Tour OH SNAP! Denver Open Presented by Vizzy

Host a PPA Tour Tournament


  1. Pickleballtournaments.com software and a team of experienced professionals to manage and run your event
  2. Ticket and tournament registration management to ensure a seamless and efficient process for all participants
  3. Professional play management to elevate the quality and excitement of your tournament
  4. Streaming services to broadcast the event and engage a wider audience
  5. Pickleballs
  6. Comprehensive marketing support from the PPA to help promote your event and attract more players and spectators
  7. Customized signage to create a professional and polished look for your tournament
  8. Prize money
Pickleball Champ Sunday


  1. A minimum of 16 courts to accommodate tournament play
  2. A championship court that can hold at least 250 people
  3. WiFi access to support livestreaming and other digital needs
  4. A DJ/MC to create a lively and energetic atmosphere throughout the tournament
  5. Sufficient parking to accommodate all participants and spectators
  6. Volunteers to assist with various aspects of the event
  7. Staffing to ensure the smooth operation of the venue throughout the tournament
  8. Ticketing staff to manage the sale and distribution of tickets for the tournament
  9. Check-in staff to welcome participants and ensure a smooth registration process
  10. Player hospitality staff to provide assistance and support to players throughout the event
  11. A podium for awards ceremonies and other official presentations
  12. Medals, trophies, and other awards to recognize top performers
  13. Player swag bags to provide a fun and memorable experience for all participants
  14. Local awareness to help promote the tournament and attract spectators from the surrounding community
  15. Marketing support to raise the profile of the tournament and attract a larger audience
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PPA Tour Classic Series RFP

Please submit your completed application form along with any supporting documents by August 1st, 2023. All submitted proposals will be evaluated based on their suitability, compliance with the RFP requirements, PPA tour sanctioning bid. and overall feasibility of hosting the PPA event at the venue. The selected venue will be notified of their selection and further details will be discussed for finalizing the contract.

Optimal dates to hold a tournament:
Backup Indoor Location?
Does your venue have wifi?
Can your venue accommodate a minimum of 400 players for the event?
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