October 5-8, 2023
Carvana Junior PPA Tour

Junior PPA

About Junior PPA

Junior PPA is a campaign dedicated to fostering youth pickleball players through competition events, development opportunities, and social activity. Junior PPA offers a spotlight for youth athletes around the world to showcase their talents, develop physical and mental skills, and compete against other top juniors in the rising community of pickleball. Junior PPA events will transpire alongside certain sports of the PPA Tour, where the top professional pickleball players in the world play. 

Our Mission

At Junior PPA, our mission is to promote, encourage, and advance youth pickleball by creating opportunities for athletes 16 years of age and under to compete, learn, and grow in a positive and fun environment. The Junior PPA’s approach is intended to strengthen the skill set, health, and character of youth, as well as the culture of youth pickleball. 

Our Vision

We strive to be committed to youth development while encouraging continued participation in the community of pickleball. We hope to use our resources, platform, and passion to inspire the next generation of pickleball athletes. 

Carvana Junior PPA Tour Player

Junior PPA Tour

Compete against the top junior pickleball players around the country in traditional tournament events, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your talents, refine your skill set, and #PlayWhereTheProsPlay.

Age: 16 or under
Rating: Less than a 5.0 World Pickleball Rating (WPR)

Registration Fee: $25
Event Fee: $5

  • Boys Singles Age 8-12
  • Boys Singles Age 13-14
  • Boys Singles Age 15-16 
  • Girls Singles Age 8-12
  • Girls Singles Age 13-14 
  • Girls Singles Age 15-16 
  • Coed Doubles Age 8-12
  • Boys Doubles Age 13-16
  • Girls Doubles Age 13-16


Register at the link below and make sure to sign up before the registration deadline. 



Junior PPA will offer age-based events ranging from ages 8-16.


Please read and agree to terms of service to complete registration. Confirm payment and click submit to checkout. 

All registered Junior PPA players will receive a FREE Grounds Pass for the week of the event. The PPA Tour Grounds Pass is included in the registration fee. 

In addition, registration will come with one complimentary grounds pass for a parent or guardian age 18 or older to accompany them on the day that they play. To claim, a parent or guardian must be present when the player that they are accompanying checks in. 

Juniors are encouraged to watch the best professional pickleball players in the world.

Junior PPA Serves

In addition to competition events on the Junior PPA Tour, “Junior PPA Serves” will act as an initiative committed to serving the youth pickleball community by building opportunities centered around youth development and individual growth on and off the court. Junior PPA Serves embodies our mission of promoting, encouraging, and advancing the culture of youth pickleball..

Clinics and Events

Junior PPA players will be offered the opportunity to participate in engaging events that maximize youth development at each tour stop. These events will be free of charge.

Education and Character Building

Junior PPA players will be given access to online and in-person instruction to learn fundamentals, construct the right mindset, and build character to grow on and off the court.

Stay Connected

Follow us on instagram at @junior.ppa for upcoming events, announcements, news, and more. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to d.almendarez@ppatour.com.

Learn More

To learn more about Junior PPA, please visit the Junior PPA 2024 Handbook. This handbook provides valuable information to help guide and ensure that all Junior PPA stakeholders have a positive and enjoyable experience.