April 10-14, 2024

PPA Tour Pro Rules Deviations 2024

Author: Andrew Gilman | March 20, 2024

PPA pickleball rules 2024

For the most part, the PPA uses the same rules as the amateurs use, following USAP play, but there are a few notable exceptions.

And the one everyone is talking about is the serve. 

While nothing has changed on the amateur level, the PPA is testing out its new service rules and they were used at both of the tour events so far in 2024, including last week in Arizona at the Desert Ridge Classic. 

This new “beta test” only applies to professional players on the PPA Tour.

The new rule states the serve must be dropped from below the waist, making it – for the most part – less aggressive. The ball cannot be tossed upward, only dropped. In addition, the player’s palm must be facing down, toward the ground. In the past, a player’s palm could be facing upward. 

The new rules also state the ball must be released below the hip. Any ball released above the hip line is considered a fault. 

Service lets are also another rule that differs from the USAP. Balls that hit the net and land in, are re-served. In USAP play, a ball that hits the net and lands in is live. There is no re-serve. 

USAP allows a “Drop Serve,” which is definitely helpful for beginning players and others who may have a hard time with consistency. However, the PPA Tour pros are not allowed to “drop” the ball.

PPA pros are required to volley their serves. If a PPA pro hits a “Drop Serve,” it is not considered a fault. However, the referee will stop play and require a legal serve.

Also, one other rule amateurs are not allowed, but pros on the PPA Tour are, is the ability to challenge the legality of their opponent’s serve. The challenge must be done before the third shot of the rally is hit. Of course, challenge rules here still apply, so players can be penalized if they are wrong.

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