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Parenteau gets by Devidze, gets another shot at Waters

Author: Andrew Gilman | April 6, 2024

To get the chance to play a familiar foe Catherine Parenteau hasn’t had much success against, she had to beat a new rival who Parenteau hasn’t had success with either.

Saturday Parenteau did the second part, getting past Salome Devidze.

And now Sunday, Parenteau gets a chance at the first part, when she’ll take on Anna Leigh Waters in the singles final of the North Carolina Cup.

“It feels really good,” Parenteau said after beating Devidze. “I’m almost in tears.”

What a weird, strange trip 2024 singles has been for Parenteau. She’s the second-best player in the PPA, but the past two times out, she’s lost to Devidze and the gap between her and the rest of the field seems to have shrunk.

After all, Parenteau has only been on the medal stand twice in 2024, finishing runner-up to Waters at the first tournament of the year and then finishing third at the Indoor Championships the first week of March.

But Saturday in Cary, N.C., Parenteau was nearly flawless. Maybe they were tears of joy?

She dominated Devidze, the No. 5 seed, 11-3, 11-7 and is back on Championship Sunday playing for a gold for the first time since January.

“I’ve been studying and working really hard,” Parenteau said. “I’ve lost to her the last two times. I’m happy to get the ‘dub’ today. I felt like I was on a mission and playing pretty well.”

I told myself to stop being a chicken. I know I can move. so go ahead and move up. ”

Now, the mission changes. Parenteau figured out a way to get some revenge against Devidze, the question becomes, can she do the same against Waters. 

“I would love for Anna Leigh to have an off-day,” Parenteau said with a laugh after her victory against Devidze. “But if that doesn’t happen, and we’re both playing well, that would be amazing.”

Waters has an amazing streak against Parenteau in gold medal matches. She’s 16-1 all-time, and Parenteau’s only victory came at the PPA Championships way back in October of 2021. Parenteau has nine singles golds on the PPA Tour, but just one against Waters. 

Waters beat Lea Jansen Saturday in the other semifinal, 11-9. 11-9.

“I’m excited. It will be a fun match,” Parenteau said. “I told myself stop being a chicken. I know I can move, so go ahead and move up.”

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