June 24-30, 2024

Veolia Sacramento Open Championship Sunday Preview, from the Stats Desk

Author: Jim Ramsey | June 9, 2024


#1 Federico Staksrud:

  • Has earned a medal in every tournament this year. (4 gold, 6 silver, and a bronze last week.
  • His eight career men’s singles titles are second only to Ben Johns.
  • His eight career titles have come in finals against eight different players. (Hewett, Devilliers, McGuffin, Ben Johns, Martinez Vich, Garnett, Quang Duong, and Sock)

#9 JW Johnson:

  • Beat three higher-seeded players in a row to reach this final.
  • Beat his doubles partner, Dylan Frazier, in three games in the semis.
  • His last singles championship was at the Atlanta Open 13 months ago.
  • His five career men’s titles are fourth all-time; Tyson McGuffin is third with six.

Bronze: (5) Quang Duong vs (4) Dylan Frazier.


#1 Anna Leigh Waters:

  • Had four “pickles” in the eight games she won Thursday, while allowing only 15 points.
  • Can tie Ben Johns at 38 career singles titles today.
  • The last time she faced Parenteau for a title, she won the North Carolina Open in April, (11-4, 11-4).
  • Waters is 16-1 all-time in finals vs Parenteau. Catherine beat her in the PPA Championships final in October of 2021.
  • Waters has beaten seven different players in PPA finals: Todd, Patenteau, Mary Brascia, Jansen, Tereschenko, Devidze, Callie Smith.

#2 Catherine Parenteau: 

  • Did not lose a game in her four matches Thursday.
  • Her nine career women’s singles titles is second only to Waters.
  • Her last title was at the Tournament of Champions in August 2023.
  • She beat Waters in a semifinal at the Florida Open in 2023.
  • Two-time “Triple Crown” winner: North Carolina in 2022 and the Tournament of Champions in 2023.

Bronze: (4) Brooke Buckner vs (12) Dominique Shaefer. 


#1 Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns:

  • Have 33 titles together. (Waters, 35 overall; Johns, 48 overall)
  • Have six titles this year, with three of those against Bright and Ignatowich in the finals.
  • Are 6-0 in finals against Bright and Ignatowich.

#2 Anna Bright and James Ignatowich:

  • In the Atlanta Open final three weeks ago, they “pickled” Waters and Johns in Game Three. Waters/Johns served only once. Bright/Ignatowich had the serve at 2-0-2 and ran the table from there.
  • Are 0-6 in finals against Waters and Johns since teaming up in March of 2023.
  • Beat Waters and Johns in pool play at the PPA Finals last December.
  • Won the Red Rock Open title in April of 2023.

Bronze: (4) Jorja Johnson/JW Johnson vs (5) Etta Wright/Riley Newman.


#1 Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson:

  • Can tie a men’s doubles record held by the Johns brothers by winning four straight tournaments.
  • Their nine men’s doubles titles together is second only to the Johns brothers.
  • With an overall match record of ​126-23 coming into the final, they are in rarified air…they could lose 102 straight matches and still have a winning record.

#4 Hayden Patriquin and Federico Staksrud:

  • Patriquin’s first PPA final. He earned a men’s doubles bronze with Callan Dawson at the Indoor Championships in March.
  • Staksrud is looking for his first men’s doubles title. He has five silver medals, including two this year.

Bronze: (3) Dekel Bar/Tyson McGuffin vs. (6) Riley Newman/Gabe Tardio.


#1 Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters: 

  • Have 17 titles together, including six this year. 
  • Waters had won 22 straight finals before the loss to Bright and Rohrabacher in March. 
  • Parenteau’s 23 career women’s doubles titles are second all-time, two ahead of Lucy Kovalova.

#2 Anna Bright and Rachel Rohrabacher:

  • They won four titles together during a five-tournament run in March and April. 
  • Beat Parenteau and Waters in four games for the Austin Open title in March. In that match, they had more “clean winners,” by a 19-to-8 margin.
  • Lost to Parenteau and Waters in three games for the Masters title in January.

Bronze: (6) Vivienne David/Parris Todd vs. (7) Hurricane Tyra Black/Jorja Johnson.

*Records and stats are from PPA events only.

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