October 5-8, 2023

Moneyball coming to the PPA Tour

Author: Andrew Gilman | December 28, 2023

The PPA Tour is about the best pickleball professionals in the world competing and amateur players of every age and level playing there right beside them.

But now the PPA is offering something for the players who don’t qualify for the main pro draw, but are looking for an enhanced adrenaline rush and a financial incentive.

Starting in 2024, at the PPA’s first tour stop of the season in Palm Springs, Calif., the Hyundai Masters, a 16-team bracket with a purse of $1,000 is available for anyone who wants to compete.

“We wanted to provide another way for players to play in more of a high stakes bracket,” said Dillon Segur, the PPA Tour’s Pro Player Director. “There were players who wanted to play a more competitive game than just an amateur bracket, but they were losing in the qualifying rounds. This bracket will provide a different alternative for those players.”

There will be just one bracket, so gender and mixed doubles will be included together. First place will get $600. Second place gets $400. The format is the traditional best-of-three with games to 11. There is a loser’s bracket that is a single game to 15 with no come-around.

Players can go to www.pickleballbrackets.com to register.

Seniors, juniors and anyone who has a WPR of 5.5 or lower is eligible to enter. The only people excluded are those pros who are entered in a main draw bracket. 

Remember, registration is limited to only 16 teams. Cost is $150 per team. 

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