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Carvana PPA Tour and MLP by Margaritaville Jointly Release Integrated 2024 Schedule in First Major Move Since Announcing Plans to Merge

Author: Matt Cudzinowski | November 2, 2023

Total of 34 Combined and Standalone Events Across the U.S. Will Bring Pro Pickleball to More Fans Than Ever Before

DALLAS (November 2, 2023) – MLP by Margaritaville (Major League Pickleball) and the Carvana PPA Tour today released the combined 2024 schedule of events in the first landmark news since the entities officially announced plans to merge and create a unified pickleball organization.

The 2024 schedule will feature 34 total events across more than 200 days of action throughout the year. Events will visit over 25 cities and 18 states in the next step of growing professional pickleball nationally. Both PPA and MLP will have season-ending championships that will be the pinnacle of the athletes’ and teams’ results throughout the year. 

The increase in events will bring more pickleball action to fans across the U.S. and also allow for players to determine their schedules with more optionality and flexibility. In addition, there will be a dedicated off-season for players following the last event of 2024 in an effort to prioritize player health and well-being.

The calendar will also allow for fans to follow along more easily than ever before, with a PPA Tour structure that features Slams (worth up to 2,000 ranking points), Cups (worth up to 1,500 points), and Opens (worth up to 1,000 points). The ranking points on the PPA Tour determine the best players in the world and will qualify them for the prestigious PPA Tour Finals in San Clemente, Calif. Every PPA Tour stop will provide pickleball enthusiasts of all levels with the opportunity to “play where the pros play” in amateur divisions across ages and skills.

In a new structure for 2024, the 24 MLP teams will play a regular season schedule and be split into six divisions of four teams each. Teams will play at least 40 matches over the course of the regular season, facing every other team at least once. Division opponents will meet three or four times and teams will play everyone in their “rival” division two or three times. The two-week MLP Playoffs will follow the conclusion of the 2024 regular season.

The various event types and stakes – and the full 2024 schedule – are as follows:

PPA Tour Slams and Cups
PPA Slams (four (4) events, each worth up to 2,000 points) and Cups (six (6) events, each worth up to 1,500 points) represent the opportunity for athletes to earn the most ranking points on the PPA Tour. These marquee stops will see the top players in the world battle across singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in search of a coveted “triple crown.” New for 2024, PPA Tour Slams and Cups will feature a progressive bracket schedule, with one round of all three events being completed each day (i.e. R32 of singles, doubles, and mixed doubles on Wednesday, R16 of each event on Thursday, etc.).

PPA Tour Opens
PPA Tour Opens will showcase the traditional PPA Tour event model across 15 tour stops featuring top pros, with Singles Thursday, Mixed Doubles Friday, Gender Doubles Saturday, and Championship Sunday. Players will play in at least seven of the 15 PPA Opens over the course of the year.

PPA Finals
The PPA Finals in San Clemente, CA – Dec. 5-8 – will be the culmination of a player’s season. Based on results and points accumulated during the 2024 calendar, the top eight singles players, men’s and women’s doubles teams, and mixed doubles teams will qualify to compete in a round-robin tournament to see who is crowned champion in each discipline at year’s end.

MLP Regular Season
The 2024 MLP regular season schedule will consist of 15 total events. At each regular season event, a collection of the 24 MLP teams will appear and play multiple matches, with results determining a team’s regular season record. Every MLP match features Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and two Mixed Doubles games to 21, plus a Dreambreaker tiebreaker, if necessary.

Nine (9) of MLP’s 15 events will take place on the front end of the PPA Tour Slams, Cups, or Opens and be played the first weekend of these combined nine-day pickleball extravaganzas. The remaining six (6) events will be MLP Showdowns that bring the excitement of the unique MLP format to a variety of team markets.

MLP Mid-Season Tournament and MLP Playoffs
MLP will host two Championship events in 2024. The Mid-Season Championship will see all 24 teams in action over four days (Thursday, July 11-Sunday, July 14), in Grand Rapids, Mich., with a champion crowned at the end of the weekend.

The season-ending MLP Playoffs will take place over two four-day weekends in two locations and will take into account teams’ performance across the regular season, culminating with a full-season 2024 champion.

About Carvana PPA Tour
Founded in 2019, the Carvana PPA Tour is where pickleball’s top athletes go head-to-head to determine the best male and female players in the world. The Carvana PPA Tour organizes and conducts tournaments at world-class facilities across the country, establishes player rankings, and awards over $5.5 million in annual prize money during the 2023 season with equal play and pay. Inviting amateur players to also compete and “play where the pros play,” the Carvana PPA Tour offers divisions for every age group and skill level. Characterized by a uniquely festive and fun atmosphere, Carvana PPA Tour events deliver unparalleled experiences for fans on-site, including pro player meet-and-greets, clinics, food, beverages, live entertainment, giveaways, games, shopping, and VIP upgrades. For more information, go to www.ppatour.com, and follow us on social: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn.

About MLP by Margaritaville
MLP by Margaritaville (Major League Pickleball) is the preeminent team-based professional pickleball league, featuring nearly 100 of the best athletes spread across 24 teams, a unique coed format, easy to understand scoring, iconic team owners, and the most electric live events and fan experience in the sport. Founded in 2021, MLP named its first-ever title sponsor, Margaritaville, branding the league MLP by Margaritaville in December 2022. For more information on Major League Pickleball, visit the official website and follow MLP on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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