June 24-30, 2024

Olivia McMillan

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Resides: Charleston, SC
Turned Pro: 2021
Age: 33
Height: 5'2
Plays: Left-Handed
Paddle: Selkirk 002

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Olivia McMillan's Bio

Olivia McMillan started playing in 2018 but was still very much focused on playing only tennis. It wasn’t until folks McMillan played with daily started converting to pickleball and overtime convinced her to try it out. McMillan was hooked ever since. McMillan is not the tallest nor the strongest player, but she is extremely competitive and scrappy- McMillan will fight for every point. McMillan thinks being a lefty also gives her a unique advantage that other players don’t necessarily have. McMillan is currently sponsored by Selkirk and is a proud PPA gold card touring pro. McMillan was born and raised in Charleston, SC. McMillan began teaching pickleball (also PPR certified professional Level), which has quickly become her passion. Using her platform to educate and inspire folks far and wide on the sport and how the growth of the sport is just the beginning. McMillan been drafted to the last 2 MLP seasons, recently reaching the finals of challenger. She also has over 7 medals in pro tournaments (singles and doubles)
McMillan states, “I think overall I’m developing a sense of who I am and want to be on the court as a professional; scrappy, hardworking, and will fight until the end. The best is yet to come!”

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