June 24-30, 2024
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Hayden Patriquin

Quick Info

Resides: Yucaipa, CA
Turned Pro: 2022
Age: 18
Height: 5' 7”
Plays: Right-handed
Paddle: Franklin Signature 16mm

Hayden Patriquin's Equipment

Franklin Signature Pro Paddle
Franklin Signature Pro Pickleball Paddle

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Hayden Patriquin

Get to Know Professional Pickleball Player Hayden Patriquin

Hayden Patriquin's Bio

Hayden Patriquin, originally from Yucaipa, CA, is sponsored by Franklin. 

Hayden was introduced to pickleball at the age of 13 by his grandfather. One of the few people on the tour with no previous racquet sport experience, Patriquin quit his previous passion for baseball to further pursue pickleball. He recently began online school to train more at pickleball and drill with better players to focus on the game. When he’s not on the court, he enjoys surfing, golf, mountain-biking, and boogie-boarding — pretty much anything that he gets to do outside! You’ll also find him sharing his passion by volunteering his time teaching kids pickleball.

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