June 24-30, 2024

Dominique Schaefer

Quick Info

Resides: West Hollywood, CA
Turned Pro: 2019
Age: 25
Height: 5' 8"
Plays: Right-handed
Paddle: Engage Pursuit MX Rebel Edition

Dominique Schaefer's Equipment

Engage Pursuite MX Pro
Engage Pursuit Pro MX Carbon Fiber Paddle

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Dominique Schaefer

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Dominique Schaefer's Bio

Dominique Schaefer is a 25 year old professional Pickleball player. Originating from Lima, Peru, her athletic journey commenced in the
world of professional tennis, where she proudly represented her home country in the prestigious Fed Cup. She also competed in all major junior grand slams and was ranked #23 ITF. In 2023, Dominique decided to go full time into pickleball as it became the fastest-growing sport in the US. She got introduced to the sport by her dad & decided to try it for fun at first but loved it so much she decided to take it on full time.She has two single gold medals & a bronze medal as well.Dominique enjoys hanging out with friends & doing any outdoor activity. She currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

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