May 29-June 2, 2024
CIBC Texas Open
Carvana PPA Tour Connor Garnett

Connor Garnett

Quick Info

Resides: Costa Mesa, CA
Turned Pro: 2022
Age: 27
Height: 5' 11”
Plays: Right-handed
Paddle: ProXR 14mm Carbon Fiber

Connor Garnett's Equipment

ProXR Connor Garnett Signature Pickleball Paddle
ProXR Connor Garnett Signature Pickleball Paddle

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Connor Garnett

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Connor Garnett's Bio

Connor Garnett has an impressive athletic background, having played D1 tennis at Santa Clara University and spending time as a hitting partner for Novak Djokovic. 

Garnett’s explosive tendencies, fast hands, and strong backhand have helped him quickly rise to the top of the pickleball world. In his first pro tournament, he took silver in both singles and doubles, and has since gone on to achieve other impressive feats. Despite his success, Garnett remains grounded and is always seeking to improve, recognizing there is always more to learn and ways to grow in the sport he loves.

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