June 24-30, 2024

Anderson Scarpa

Quick Info

Resides: Charleston, SC
Turned Pro: 2022
Age: 30
Height: 6'1"
Plays: Right-Handed
Paddle: Selkirk Luxx

Anderson Scarpa's Equipment

Selkirk LUXX Control Air S2 Pickleball Paddle
Selkirk LUXX Control Air S2 Pickleball Paddle

Anderson Scarpa's Bio

Anderson Scarpa, 30 years old, from Charleston, South Carolina.

Graduate of Mercer University where I played division 1 college tennis. Worked in the family business resurfacing tennis courts. Got into pickleball once we started painting pickleball courts and haven’t stopped playing since.

Since starting in 2020 and playing tournaments since 2021, I have 6 medals on the APP tour in mixed and men’s doubles. My best finish at a PPA event in men’s doubles was 5th at the 2022 ppa nc. Got 5th place in singles at the 2023 desert ridge open.  Best doubles wins include: Collin johns, Pat smith, Zane Navratil, Pablo tellez, Rafa Hewett, Brendon long.

I have played in MLP in 3 events for two different teams (Arizona Drive and BLQK) and have helped lead each team to the quarterfinals.Am also married with a 10 month old daughter, Alivia

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