Total Prize Money | $106,505

Total PPA Titles | 19

Resides: Wichita, Kansas

Turned Pro: 2016

Birthday: April 5, 1992

Age: 30

Height: 5’11”

Plays: Right-Handed

Paddle: Onix Evoke Premier

Meet Lucy Kovalova

Lucy Kovalova, a native of Slovakia, is currently the #2 ranked women in the world in Mixed Doubles and tied with her partner Simone Jardim for #1 in Women’s Doubles. Known for her tightly controlled persona on-court, Kovalova’s game-face never slips as she cracks wicked two-handed backhands back at her opponents. She plays Mixed Doubles with her long-time on and off-court partner, Matt Wright.

Kovalova, whose true Slovakian name is Lucia, prefers to go by the American equivalent, Lucy. She enjoys shopping, chilling, watching TV shows, and spending time with friends. A self-proclaimed shopaholic, it may surprise some to know that Kovalova is super girly and feminine outside of pickleball and loves to follow fashion and the latest celeb gossip. Kovalova’s day job is at a country club in Wichita, Kansas, where she teaches pickleball and tennis.

Lucy Kovalova

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PPA Championship

Jigsaw Invitational

Kovalova/Jardim VS Water/Waters

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