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Singles Day Rocky Mountain

The Rocky Mountain Championships marks the first PPA Tournament. Lea Jansen added her second PPA Title as Ben Johns to capture his 13th Singles Title in a row.

Men’s Singles: Ben Johns continued his torrid dominance of men’s singles, remaining unbeaten on the PPA Tour in Men’s Singles 11-4, 11-8 over Tyson McGuffin. Tyson McGuffin didn’t make it easy on Ben, but there wasn’t much anyone could do to stop Ben’s streak. Tyson and Dekel Bar met twice and provided incredible matches that left Dekel with a hard-earned bronze medal.

  1. Ben Johns
  2. Tyson McGuffin
  3. Dekel Bar

Women’s Singles: Lea Jansen and Callie Smith met in the gold medal match as Lea Jansen won the match, forcing a game to 15. The match to 15 started medical timeout as Lea Jansen was suffering from altitude sickness. However, Lea dug deep and knocked off Callie top cap off one of the best matches of the day and capture her second PPA Title. Lea defeated Irina Tereschenko in the bronze medal match.

  1. Lea Jansen
  2. Callie Smith
  3. Irina Tereschenko

Senior Men’s Pro Results:

  1. Scott Moore
  2. Dk Ajiri
  3. Scott Fliegelam

Senior Women’s Pro Results:

  1. Vivian Edwards
  2. Aimee Voorhies
  3. Shannon Macey

Mixed Doubles starts Saturday at 9 am MTN and will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

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