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Travel Discounts through the PPA

The PPA is proud to bring cost-saving benefits to players, spectators, sponsors, and professional players as the play along the Carvana PPA Tour.

Reserve Your Rental Car via Hertz

Hotel discounts are found on individual tournament listings on

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Save Up to 20% with Hertz

The PPA is proud to partner with Hertz to provide an exclusive discount to all players, spectators, and pros along the Carvana PPA Tour. Click below to reserve your car through Hertz with a discount up to 20% off and the following benefits:

  • No cancellation fee by reserving with your CDP#
  • Premier travel perks when you join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.
    • Skip the counter and head straight to the lot.
    • Choose your ride and go.
    • Earn free rental days and upgrades.
Reserve Your Rental Car