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The PPA is excited to announce a partnership with Skechers that introduces the first ever Skechers Invitational Summer Championships.

The Skechers Invitational Summer Championships will feature the top two seeds from all five events battling to determine who will head into the second half of the season with all the momentum:

  • Can Ben/Collin shake off Riley/Matt after their loss from the Atlanta Open?
  • Will Catherine Parenteau knock off newly seeded #1 Anna Leigh Waters in Singles?

This event, sponsored by Skechers, will feature a plethora of marquee matches—highlighted by the top seeded men’s and women’s doubles teams vying for bragging rights on the biggest stage the sport has seen yet!

Scheduled Matches

August 131PM PTWomen’s Doubles(1)Callie Smith/Lucy Kovalova vs. (2)Anna Leigh Waters/Leigh Waters
August 132PM PTMen’s Doubles(1)Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs. (2)Riley Newman/Matt Wright
August 1412PM PTMixed Doubles(1)Catherine Parenteau/Riley Newman vs. (2)Lucy Kovalova/Matt Wright
August 141PM PTMen’s Singles(1)Ben Johns vs. (2)Tyson McGuffin
August 142PM PTWomen’s Singles(1)Anna Leigh Waters vs. (2)Catherine Parenteau

Tune in to August 12-14 to be a part of the most-watched event in the history of the sport.

The event will also feature various matches throughout the weekend. Click here for more details on the Skechers Invitational Summer Championships.

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