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Upcoming Futures Events

All Futures events have been
canceled until further notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Futures?

Futures is an amateur/pro tour hosted by the Professional Pickleball Association that is focused on:

  1. Improving the player experience,
  2. Developing new and upcoming pros, and
  3. Promoting the growth of pickleball in smaller markets.

As a sub-5.0 player, why should I play in the Futures Tour?

The Futures Tour will be taking a step back from the flash and show of the main tour and focusing on the player experience (including player gifts, player socials, round robins, etc. that will be included as part of one’s player registration fees).

As a 5.0+ player, why should I play in the Futures Tour?

The Futures Tour is designed for “breakout” or “future” pro players: Players who are consistently winning local 5.0 division tournaments but are struggling to win matches on the PPA Tour. By playing the Futures Tour, 5.0+ players will have the chance to experience higher-level competition while still having a legitimate chance of taking home the gold.

Will the Futures Tour have payouts and player points for the pro bracket?

Yes, there will be a $10,000 purse and 150 player points on the line at every Futures Tour event in 2023.