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Stats compiled as of Saturday evening, January 14th, 2023, moving into to the Hyundai Masters Finals.


ANNA LEIGH WATERS won 15 PPA singles titles in 2022. Five of those 15 finals wins were against Lea Jansen. AL goes into Sunday’s final after winning three matches in six games, allowing only 21 points.

LEA JANSEN was 0-6 in PPA finals last year, with one of the most consistent records in terms of medal finishes. She lost five to A-L, and one to Catherine Parenteau in Charlotte May 8 by medical default. She also lost in the US Open final to Parenteau and in the Nationals final to Waters. Jansen reaches the Masters final winning three matches in seven games, allowing 46 points.


BEN JOHNS won nine PPA singles titles last year, including the last two tournaments (vs Tyson McGuffin at Newport Beach November 20, and vs Ryan Sherry in Orlando December 4.)  Ben reaches the Masters final after winning four matches in the minimum of eight games, allowing 33 points.

FEDERICO STAKSRUD won a PPA singles title in 2022, beating Rafa Hewett May 22 in Atlanta. He reaches this final playing very well, winning his four matches in nine games, allowing 34 points. He breezed through his first two matches, allowing only three points in four games (Ryan Eveloff 11-1, 11-0, and Tyler Loong 11-2, 11-0. ).


ANNE LEIGH WATERS/BEN JOHNS won 12 PPA titles together last year. They reach the Masters final winning four matches in eight games, allowing 26 points.

JESSIE IRVINE/RILEY NEWMAN are a new team in 2023. They reach the finals winning their four matches in ten games, allowing 54 points.

JESSIE was 0-4 in mixed finals against AL/Ben last year while playing with Jay Devilliers. (Desert Ridge Jan 20, Nat’l Indoor Feb 27, Riverland March 13, Ohio Sept 11).

RILEY was 0-4 in mixed finals against AL/Ben last year while playing with Catherine Parenteau. (Red Rock Apr 10, Peachtree Sept 18, Texas Nov 6, Orlando Dec 4.)


No data due to rain delays.

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